Why do I have ants in my home? How do I get rid of ants?

Argentine ants are the common variety of ants we find here in Southern California. They are an invasive species that was brought to North America by ships transporting coffee. They are all part of one super-colony – all of the Argentine ants that are here smell the same. Since they smell the same, they don’t fight and knock each other out. Because they don’t knock each other out, they multiply out of control. Believe it or not, these tiny creatures (often only as long as 1/10 of an inch) are bad for the environment – they actually displace native species.



There aren’t any huge health concerns with ants. Don’t get us wrong, they do carry germs, but it is rare to suffer any health problems from ants in  your home. However, we understand that they can be a big annoyance and quite embarrassing!

How can you prevent Argentine Ants?


  1. Fix leaky faucets – they are looking for water. Keep that in mind everywhere there may be water in your home.
  2. Don’t leave food or crumbs around the kitchen or house. The Scout ants are constantly looking for food to bring back to their queen.
  3. Have a yearly pest control application on the foundation of your home
  4. If you see a trail of ants in your home, wipe/spray that trail down with window cleaner that contains ammonia. This will kill the pheromone (scent) trail they are using to get back and forth and find their way around.
  5. Keep food (including dog food) tightly closed inside sealed containers.
  6. Empty your indoor trash cans often. Be sure to also rinse the inside of these cans so that any spills or crumbs are washed away.


Good luck in the fight against ants. If you need professional help, we are always here.

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