“The truth is, the only way a consumer can ensure the total or ‘whole house’ eradication of termites is by fumigating or heating the entire structure. Alternative methods are for local or spot control only.”

Donna Kingwell, Structural Pest Control Board

Choosing a termite treatment method to protect your home is no easy task. We know because we, too, are constantly having to weed through the ever-changing options available in our industry. Right now there are some alternative treatment methods on the market that appear very attractive: Electro-Gun, Micro-waves, Nitrogen freezing – all of which are priced comparably to proven effective methods, but instead seem to minimize the inconvenience to their clients. You don’t always have to move out of your home overnight. You don’t have to bag up your food. Click to expand

At Lloyd Pest Control, we’ve considered these options ourselves, analyzing results from both laboratory and field research. And after more than sixty-five years in the pest control business, we’ve opted to utilize tent fumigation. Unfortunately, with a tent fumigation you do have to leave your home while we work and you do have to put some of your food into the bags that we provide. Also, to the dismay of our bookkeepers, tent fumigation costs us a lot more to perform. We send out a crew of our California state-licensed termite technicians to cover your home and then treat it with Vikane gas, DowElanco’s proven technology for over three decades. And we do all of this at about the same cost as the new alternatives.

So why, with all the added hassles and lower profits, do we do it? Because we believe in it. Because the National Pest Control Association believes in it. Because the State of California’s governing Structural Pest Control Board believes in it.

But the most important reason that we advocate tent fumigations is because it is the only whole house or large structure termite eradication treatment that has been proven effective in hundreds of thousands of Southern California and San Diego homes already.

Along with our strong convictions about Vikane treatments comes a promise: We will rid your home of termites and continued termite damage – and we’ll continue to protect your home for as long as it stands. The renewing option in the Lloyd Pest Control Termite Protection Plan is the strongest in the business.


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TERMITE TIP: Keep piles of wood away from your house and foundation.  Subterranean termites respond to wood piles like sharks respond to blood – voraciously.  Also, painted wood resists termites.  Repaint any flaking eaves, window casements, and facia boards.

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