Termites will be dying to get back into your home. We’ll send them packing.

Lloyd Pest Control fumigation guarantees to destroy all drywood termite colonies living within your home. But once gone, neighboring colonies will continue to try to re-infest your structure. With our Termite Protection Plan and its renewing option guarantee, Lloyd Pest Control will cover your investment against further termite damage for the life of your home.* Lloyd Pest Control will provide you with an annual inspection and state report detailing the condition of your structure. By conducting these regular inspections, we ensure early detection of new colonies. Early detection means swift, isolated eradication and minimal inconvenience to your family – all at no additional charge. Once enrolled in our Termite Protection Plan, should your home ever require another tent fumigation it will also be performed at no additional charge to you. Riverside County. Click to expand

The Termite Protection Plan guarantee also protects your home against the incursion of subterranean termites and many species of wood-destroying beetles.

All of our guarantees are transferable, should you ever decide to sell your home. Plus, as a Lloyd Pest Control customer you can automatically receive state termite reports for use in escrow or re-finance documentation.

* Termite Protection Plan guarantees require payment of annual renewals and compliance with terms of agreement.

Termite Guarantee

TERMITE TIP: Keep piles of wood away from your house and foundation.  Subterranean termites respond to wood piles like sharks respond to blood – voraciously.  Also, painted wood resists termites.  Repaint any flaking eaves, window casements, and facia boards.

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Termite Guarantee