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Optimally located between Los Angeles and Palm Springs, Banning, CA is a great place for exploration and recreation thanks to nearby mountain ranges and proximity to major metro areas. Nestled into a valley, the city also has a mild climate that’s not too hot and not too cold. But, perfect weather can have its shortcomings — namely, pests.

The temperate weather in Banning, CA makes the city a great host for pests of all kinds year-round. While pest control is something that comes with owning a home, business, or property, Lloyd Pest Control has you covered. From one-off operations to long-term pest prevention, we’re experienced in putting pests in their place — and out of yours.

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Whether you’re dealing with annoying ants or regular rodents, we have your back. We’re experts in getting in and getting results. We offer top-of-the-line pest control technology to stop bugs in their tracks. Here’s what we offer:


Keep your Banning, CA home free from disease-carrying, damage-causing pests with Lloyd Pest Control. Contact us today to get over 80 years of pest expertise on your side.

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