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Subterranean Termite Treatments

Like zombies digging their way up from the grave, subterranean termites have one mission when they rear their ugly heads from the dirt: finding a meal. Creeping up from the soil underneath your home, these termites create high-reaching mud tubes to access any chunk of wood they can get their jaws on, including floor joists, subfloors, and in extreme cases, even your hardwood flooring. Unfortunately, most subterranean termite infestations aren’t discovered until it’s too late, leaving Southern California homeowners with thousands of dollars in damage—not to mention thousands of these voracious insects still living in your home. Thankfully, our team of pest control experts at Lloyd are experienced in treating and preventing these cellulose-crunching pests.

Advanced Treatments for Subterranean Termites

Southern California has been our home since 1931, so we know local pest pressures like the backs of our hands—including the intricacies of subterranean termites. At Lloyd, we have an expansive knowledge of the habits and habitats of the subterranean termite, which includes the most efficient ways to eradicate and prevent them from harming your home.

Soil Treatments

Subterranean termite treatments start at the source: the soil surrounding your foundation. Given a conducive environment to thrive—including areas with high moisture and earth-to-wood contact—hundreds of thousands of subterranean termites can flourish in your yard, slowly making their way into your house as they hunt for their next meal. If these termites are detected in your home during the inspection, our team can provide subterranean termite solutions that eradicate the entire colony, including:


In order to eradicate subterranean termites in the soil, our team can trench and treat your property. By digging a trench around the outside perimeter of your home, we can administer termiticide directly into the soil to ensure the product is spread throughout the entire colony. With trench treatments, we will create a natural termite barrier to keep them from inching closer to your structure.


Because patios, driveways, and other concrete areas can’t be trenched, our team utilizes concrete drills to administer termiticide under the surface. After drilling half inch holes, we inject termiticide directly into the soil and close the holes with a high-strength concrete sealant. Drilling through concrete surfaces ensures the termiticide creates a complete termite barrier around your property.
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As one of the most advanced subterranean termite treatment solutions out there, the Sentricon® System utilizes unique bait stations positioned around the perimeter of your property. During a Sentricon treatment, our Sentricon-Certified Specialists will place these stations in the ground about 10 to 20 feet apart from each other, creating a termite barrier around your home. Featuring insect growth regulators (IGRs), our deployment of the Sentricon System starts working immediately, attracting subterranean termites at a rate 10 times higher than wood. Once worker termites discover the bait, they will share this food source with the colony and ingest it. After IGRs are consumed, termites will no longer molt, meaning they won’t be able to mature.


At Lloyd, we don’t just eliminate subterranean termites and take off, as we believe in leaving your property in better condition than the way we found it. After treatment, our team will repair or replace damaged or termite-infested wood members.

Customized Subterranean Termite Protection Plans

Available with our whole structure termite treatments, we offer a Termite Protection Plan (TPP) that provides the strongest termite eradication assurance in the industry. Our TPPs last the entire lifetime of your home and include:
  • Free annual inspection to ensure we’re keeping termites away
  • Early detection of termites to help stop problems before they take hold
  • Prompt eradication treatments for any termites in your home
If it becomes necessary to fumigate your home in the future, we’ll provide this service at no charge.

Bury Subterranean Termites For Good With Lloyd Pest Control

Don’t let subterranean termites throw a party in your basement. With advanced treatment methods designed specifically for your infestation, Lloyd can eliminate all termites present, repair the damage they caused, and set up a termite prevention perimeter around your Southern California property. Contact our subterranean termite pros today termite prevention and control!