What annoying pests! They ruin beautiful landscapes with their “unique” landscaping, create unsightly holes in the ground and – wait, you said gophers? We thought you said golfers.

Yeah, gophers are annoying too. Pocket gophers, or known commonly as gophers, are rodents common in North America. They come from the family geomyidae, have gray or brown fur, and are identifiable by their large cheek pockets in which they store food.

They are also burrowers, and are fast at creating a complex network of underground tunnels under residential and commercial properties alike. A unique aspect of their tunnels is the horseshoe-shaped mound located at the entranceway.

Gophers are hungry little rodents, and will feed on weeds, grasses and just about any sort of agricultural crop you can think of. They will also munch on roots while they’re excavating their tunnels. Their subterranean behavior can cause flooding, considering that they’ll chew through water lines. This also goes for underground cable and electricity lines.

Their burrowing can destroy shrubs, bushes, and even trees. It doesn’t matter how much time and effort you’ve put into your landscaping – gophers can destroy your lawn faster than it takes for the HOA to disinvite you from its holiday party.

But property damage isn’t the only reason that these guys are considered pests – gophers have been known to carry and transmit diseases, including rabies, a virus that can paralyze and kill any mammal (including humans). The rabies virus also makes animals extremely aggressive, and you should be wary of any gopher that seems especially fearless around humans. Gophers have also been known to carry monkeypox, a virus that causes lymph nodes to swell and brings on fever.

Gopher infestations can cause very costly damage, which means the sooner you call Lloyd Pest Control, the better.

And we were just kidding earlier, golfers. You’re not that annoying.

How Lloyd Pest Control can protect you against gophers

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