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Gopher Control

Get Rid of Gophers in Southern California

Five species of gophers call California home; the most common is the Botta’s pocket gopher. These small rodents spend 99% of their lives underground, living in burrows. Gophers are prolific diggers. To build their burrow systems 6-12 inches underground, they’re able to move up to a ton of dirt a year.

Gophers might be cute, but they can also be a nuisance pest: Their holes can cause injury, their burrowing can damage your yard, and they have a penchant for eating young trees and garden produce. They’ll have you mad as Bill Murray in Caddyshack in no time at all.

Gophers are all over the place in Southern California. We often help homeowners in San Diego, Riverside, Orange, and LA counties whose homes abut open land and fields. Rather than hunt and live in the dry, arid areas surrounding homes, gophers often migrate toward the lush, wet, green grass of your yard. There, they can build new burrow systems and munch on your home’s vegetable matter.

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Gophers can be hard to dislodge from your property. We’ve been dealing with Southern California’s gophers for more than 90 years at Lloyd Pest Control, and we know the tricks to take care of them once and for all. Those tricks include trapping techniques and pet-safe, noninvasive rodenticide baits. We treat gopher problems with ongoing, maintenance-style treatment — which means we don’t give up until your gophers are gone.

One other thing about gophers: They don’t hibernate, breed throughout the year, and females produce litters of 2-5 pups. So if you do have a gopher problem, don’t wait for it to go away. Give us a call any time at 1.800.223.2847 or contact us via the form.