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Pest Control Tips

Intense Summer Heat Makes Bugs Go Crazy. We Can Help.

This summer’s all-time record heat is already off the charts. That means worrying about higher electric bills at home, fewer restaurant customers out and about, and even wildfires that threaten...

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How Did I Get Fleas In My House?

Evolution created a blood-sucking expert in the flea. The roughly 2,500 flea species that make up the insect order Siphonaptera take their name from Greek words “siphon” (tube) and “aptera”...

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Pest Control TipsRodents

How to Protect Your Home Against Rats, Mice, and Other Rodents

Wondering how to protect your home against rats, mice, and other rodents this winter? Learn from the experts at Lloyd Pest Control today!

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Pest Control Tips

How COVID-19 Can Attract Pests to Your Home

Pests in your home are bad on any given day, but the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic can make them even more dangerous than usual. Find out why from Lloyd Pest Control...

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Pest Control Tips

How Often Should Pest Control Be Done at Your House?

Wondering how often pest control should be done? At Lloyd, we suggest professional pest control every quarter. Contact us today for pest control in SoCal.

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Pest Control Tips

Quarantining at Home? You Might Not Be Alone.

Stuck at your house during our stay-at-home order? You might not be alone. Find out why pests are more attracted to your place during quarantine from Lloyd!