Intense Summer Heat Makes Bugs Go Crazy. We Can Help.

This summer’s all-time record heat is already off the charts. That means worrying about higher electric bills at home, fewer restaurant customers out and about, and even wildfires that threaten commercial real estate. Here’s another summertime problem that should stay on your radar as a homeowner, real estate owner, or restaurateur: Intense heat makes insect […]

Far from Picky: Why Roaches Infest Anywhere and Everywhere

Nobody likes having pests in their home or business, but there’s often something particularly nasty about cockroaches. The smell, the scurrying, the crunching if you happen to step on one – it is anything but pleasant. Most roach infestations in homes or businesses are of the German variety. German roaches are small, about half an […]

How to Set a Mousetrap

Whether they’re in the kitchen cooking up culinary classics or rescuing children in distress, anthropomorphic rats and mice have made their mark in the world of cinema and in our hearts. But don’t be fooled—rodents can’t possibly cook us fancy meals or have the wherewithal to carry out a rescue mission. (Or, uh, can they?) […]

Why Do I Have Ants in My Home? How Do I Get Rid of Ants?

If you happen to spot a trail of ants in your home or business, the Argentine ant is likely the culprit. But what has made these insects such a widespread concern in our region? And why do you have these ants in your area? Argentine Ants: Southern California’s Insect Invaders As one of the most […]