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Intense Summer Heat Makes Bugs Go Crazy. We Can Help.

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This summer’s all-time record heat is already off the charts. That means worrying about higher electric bills at home, fewer restaurant customers out and about, and even wildfires that threaten commercial real estate. Here’s another summertime problem that should stay on your radar as a homeowner, real estate owner, or restaurateur: Intense heat makes insect pests go crazy.

“Hot, longer days, and especially warm nights, do make insects more active,” says Efrain Velasco, Lloyd Pest Control’s Technical Director and a trained entomologist. Everything from ants to flies to roaches to earwigs love the heat and humidity of summertime in SoCal, when insect eating and reproductive behavior go into overdrive. Bugs also love warm evenings—so look out for swarms of pests after the first string of 75-degree nights, which kicks insect activity into high gear. More of those pests means more of the bugs that eat them, like spiders. “The longer the heat sticks around, the more insects you’ll see,” Velasco says.

The best way to be ready? Lloyd Pest Control’s BrandSecure services, which knock out pests and keep them gone. We worry about the bugs, so you can worry about more important things—like keeping the AC bills paid.

We’d love to chat with you for just nine minutes about how BrandSecure can work for you and your business. The program includes a wide range of services, including:

  • Guaranteed response within 1 business day.
  • Dedicated business support managers with veteran pest control experience
  • A personalized online portal for viewing service slips and reports – and for requesting service 24 hours a day.
  • Triple-check reassurance: We keep coming back until the bugs are gone, and check in regularly to make sure they don’t return.
  • 7/24 online service requests.
  • Client web portal for access to logbooks, service history, Ask the Bug Guy & more
  • Pest activity monitoring and sighting logs.
  • Documentation & certifications for compliance standards.
  • Our 100% Money-Back Guarantee – try us for 90 days and, if you are not ecstatic with our service, we’ll refund every penny that you’ve paid us.
  • Billing and online payment options to accommodate multiple locations and master accounts.