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Residential Pest Control

With over 90 years of experience helping homeowners keep their spaces critter-free, Lloyd Pest Control is your go-to whenever you find an unexpected guest.

Get back to enjoying your home.

Your home is your kingdom, a sanctuary from the craziness of life. In your home, there are no crazy drivers, no overpriced cups of coffee, no co-workers inviting you to their stand-up comedy nights. And that’s why you don’t need to worry about pests in your house.

At Lloyd Pest Control, we understand the importance of feeling comfortable in your own home, and how frustrating, alienating and downright icky it is when pests invade. We want your home to be free of bugs, vermin and other pests. You should feel comfortable in your kingdom; you deserve it.

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The Invasive Bugs That Bother SoCal

As SoCal residents, we’re pretty lucky. We’ve got perfect weather, access to the most beautiful ocean, and the best burritos in the world (don’t let anyone tell you differently). Even in the grand scheme of things, our pests aren’t that bad. Have you ever been to Australia? You can’t step outside without stepping on “The World’s Deadliest Spider.”

(We still love you, Australia, even though your critters terrify us).

Despite SoCal’s relative tameness when it comes to the pests, we still have our fair share of creepy-crawlies, some of which can be dangerous. Some sting; some can transmit diseases. They’re all annoying.

Common Residential Pests

What Our Customers Say About Us

I use Lloyd Pest Control for both my home and business for about 15 years. The service is excellent, reliable, on time and friendly. Customer service is the best and I recommend Lloyd Pest Control to everyone!

Louise L. San Diego

We have been using Lloyd Pest Control for a year and a half in our two food manufacturing plants. Their service has covered our specific needs in a very personal and professional manor. We would highly recommend them for pest control.

Steve L. Palm Springs

Everyone that I have dealt with, from the person answering the phone and setting up my appointment to the technician that comes to my home have all been friendly, courteous and professional.

Colleen W. Orange County