How to Set a Mousetrap

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Whether they’re in the kitchen cooking up culinary classics or rescuing children in distress, anthropomorphic rats and mice have made their mark in the world of cinema and in our hearts. But don’t be fooled—rodents can’t possibly cook us fancy meals or have the wherewithal to carry out a rescue mission. (Or, uh, can they?) […]

Your Home, Their Haven: All About Rodents’ Love of the Indoors

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Rodents – they’re everywhere. But more often than not, it seems like they end up inside our homes. It doesn’t help that they’re biologically equipped to cause major problems, quickly multiplying in number, spreading disease, and destroying property. A single mouse scurrying across your floor may turn into a problem, while an entire family of […]

Contaminating Crawlers: Why Rats Are a Health Hazard

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Rats crawl inside homes and businesses in Southern California to find food and shelter. Because of their habits, we tend to think of them mostly as a threat to our walls and ceilings. But once they get in, they become a major threat to our health as well. While out of sight most of the […]

Keep Out the Bad Bugs (and Little 4-Legged Beasts) of Winter

Every year, as summer turns to fall, the other technicians and I are given a moment to catch our breath.  The ants – which represent about 65% of our emergency calls each year generally stop trying to invade Southern California homes by late October.  Right around Thanksgiving, though, the winter pests come knocking – rats, […]

Halloween Pest Control: When Halloween Decor Becomes Reality

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When the chill of autumn arrives, so do some of the season’s scariest decorations. Witches, ghosts, vampires, and mummies are the season’s headliners, but what about their trusty sidekicks? It’s nearly impossible to create a truly spooktacular Halloween display without pests like spiders, insects, rats, and mice. But what happens when these frightening decorations become […]

RATS: The Deadly Diseases they Carry

PLAGUE In 1347, the infamous Bubonic Plague, Black Death, hit Europe and wiped out a third of earth’s population. The plague is a deadly disease carried mostly by rats and spread to people by their fleas. The plague can contaminate food sources, spread from direct contact or be airborne. Pain from the disease is usually […]

Commercial Pest Control Solutions in San Diego, CA

Insects are always going to be in San Diego, California, but that doesn’t mean they need to establish a presence in YOUR commercial space. Whether you run a school, office, or restaurant, keeping pests to a minimum is crucial for the continued success of your business. In the old days, a customer who saw a […]

Twas the night before Christmas

A concerned individual ‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house Creatures were stirring, including a mouse Neither of us had a clue how they got here Our house is infested I told my dear The children were awake stirring in their beds While visions of spiders danced in their heads When out […]