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Halloween Pest Control: When Halloween Decor Becomes Reality

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When the chill of autumn arrives, so do some of the season’s scariest decorations. Witches, ghosts, vampires, and mummies are the season’s headliners, but what about their trusty sidekicks? It’s nearly impossible to create a truly spooktacular Halloween display without pests like spiders, insects, rats, and mice. But what happens when these frightening decorations become the real thing? It might be time to call in the Halloween pest control experts at Lloyd.


Scary spider hiding in the darkness on Halloween.
Spiders can be found in California throughout the year, but they are spotlighted at Halloween for a few reasons. Not only are some spiders venomous, but they also tend to build webs in dark and vacant spaces, like scary abandoned houses. Spiders tend to move indoors during the colder months to protect their webs and babies from frigid winter winds. Fortunately, our Halloween pest control experts in San Diego can help you scare these creep-crawlies away with ease.


Cockroach crawling out of a candle-lit, carved pumpkin's mouth.
Like spiders, different types of insects are often used in Halloween decorations. The cockroach is a prime example. Online, you’ll find tons of ads for bags of plastic cockroaches to use as creepy Halloween decor. You’ll even find recipes for Halloween treats that look like the pest. Cockroaches have probably won this Halloween honor because of their association with the dead. Their deadly image comes primarily from their connection to disease and unsanitary conditions (although they can live anywhere). It’s also perpetuated by the death’s head cockroach, a specific breed of roach with an eerie skull-like marking on its head. There are several types of cockroaches in Southern California. If real cockroaches are invading your home instead of fake ones, make sure to give Lloyd a call for a little Halloween pest control treatment!


Spooky Halloween rat staring off into the distance. Rats are also linked to both Halloween and death. This dates back to the days of the plague. Mice and rats carried the deadly plague from house to house and town to town before pest control or modern medicine were available. A particularly violent outbreak known as the Black Death killed an estimated 75-100 million people in Europe and the Mediterranean, solidifying the rat’s historical association with death. Rats are still known to spread disease and destroy property today. So, while plastic rats are a necessary Halloween gag, no one wants real live rats in their house. Fortunately, rats in Southern California today can be easily and quickly eliminated with the help of our certified, Halloween pest control experts at Lloyd!

In fact, pest control in Southern California can keep your home free of spooky spiders, bugs, rats or mice throughout the entire year. Contact Lloyd Pest Control for all your pest control needs. Halloween or not, we are not afraid of your dark attic, musty basement or creepy closets. Get rid of scary Halloween pests before they get rid of you!