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Commercial Pest Control Solutions in San Diego, CA

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Commercial pest control with Lloyd puts bugs out of business, guaranteed.

Insects are always going to be in San Diego, California, but that doesn’t mean they need to establish a presence in YOUR commercial space. Whether you run a school, office, or restaurant, keeping pests to a minimum is crucial for the continued success of your business.

In the old days, a customer who saw a rat in your hallway or a cockroach in your kitchen might tell a few friends about it. Today, hundreds of people can read full reports and reviews on Yelp or Google. Don’t take that chance! Get rid of pests today with commercial pest control in San Diego to keep your reputation standing.

DIY Pest Control Mistakes Business Owners Make

Pest control issues affect some companies more than others, but every business has unique problems that deserve a targeted solution. Unfortunately, in the rush to get rid of unwanted pests, many owners make strategic mistakes in exterminating them, including:

  • Difficulty locating pest harborage areas
  • Wasting money on the wrong products and potentially endangering the health of clients.
  • Failing to see the bigger problem, which may include a pest control prevention plan to keep the building pest-free and ready to pass health inspections.

Maintaining a pest-free commercial space year-round is imperative to your company’s bottom line, including your employees’ health, customer satisfaction, and maintaining uncontaminated products or supplies.

Commercial Pests in San Diego

There are a plethora of commercial pests in San Diego that can ruin your rep, including:

Roof Rats

The roof rat prefers gutters, power lines, and beams, but if necessary, they will also burrow. Cold weather will drive these rodents indoors, where they may live for several years. Dark gray or black in color, these rats can grow up to eight inches in length and are recognizable by their worm-like tails that trail behind them. Known to bite, roof rats can easily infest your commercial space and contaminate your supplies with bacteria and disease.


Another pest that can carry disease is the cockroach. Roaches can live in any home or business for years without protection from professional pest control. They carry streptococcus, salmonella, dysentery, E. coli, hepatitis B, cholera, and plague. The most common roach species in Southern California are the American and Oriental roaches, and the smaller Brown-banded and German roaches.

Termites, Ants, and Beetles

Powderpost beetles and carpenter ants can cause damage to structures, but termites are the biggest threat to property owners in warm climates like San Diego. Termites—both drywood termites and subterranean termites—cause billions of dollars worth of damage to properties in Southern California each year, making them a bigger threat than wildfires, earthquakes, and floods combined. What’s worse is that these wood-eating insects can easily go undetected until considerable damage has been done.

Get Rid of Commercial Pests in San Diego Today with Lloyd

Get rid of these pests before they have a chance to establish themselves and eat their way through your building and furnishings as the weather warms up. If you are in San Diego, California and are needing a professional exterminator, call Lloyd Pest Control today.