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RATS: The Deadly Diseases they Carry


a common rat


In 1347, the infamous Bubonic Plague, Black Death, hit Europe and wiped out a third of earth’s population. The plague is a deadly disease carried mostly by rats and spread to people by their fleas. The plague can contaminate food sources, spread from direct contact or be airborne. Pain from the disease is usually caused from deterioration of the skin. But, how did such a nasty infectious disease make its way through Europe and wipe out nearly a third of all humans?

The rats is said to have originated in China. The disease had spread rapidly until the Mongols had cut off a trade route leading into Europe. Italian Merchants in the Black Sea fled back towards Europe unknowingly carrying rats on the ship with fleas that carried the disease. From there, the disease spread wildly throughout Europe. The outbreak claimed the lives of nearly 200 million people. The bubonic plague is one of the most infamous diseases that rats have carried. Rats also carry many more infectious diseases, that if not treated can cause serious damage.

microscopic view of salmonella


Is a potentially deadly disease if not treated carried by mice and rats. The spread of this disease is usually through the rodent’s droppings. Consumption of contaminated food is quite common. If mouse or rat droppings are noticed around your home contact a Pest Control Expert immediately to remove the infestation and potential for contamination.

picture of a tapeworm


Infect the digestive track and begin to feed on consumed food. These parasites are commonly carried in rat droppings. Although tapeworms usually cause no symptoms to its host, some do experience abdominal pain.

Rat-Bite Fever

As one can suspect this is caused through a rat’s bite. Contamination of food from the rat’s urine can also cause the condition. Symptoms are commonly seen in inflammation around open sores, rashes, chills, fever, vomiting, headaches and muscle aches.

Rat & Mice contamination is a serious problem that requires swift action. Be sure to survey your house periodically with an eye out for droppings. If you feel there may be an infestation, or would like a consultation, call us at 1-800-223-2847.