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How Does Lloyd Pest Control Treat Termites?

Termite Control and Extermination Articles

Southern California is a hotspot not only for tourists, businesses, and those who love year-round sunny weather (we’re with you on that), but for termites as well. They chew into our buildings – and there are plenty of wooden structures throughout Southern California to keep them hanging around. That’s why at Lloyd Pest Control, we know termites pretty well; and because we know them so well, we’re unmatched at getting rid of them.

The Termite Treatments We Offer

At Lloyd Pest Control, we specialize in a variety of treatment methods to keep you 100 percent termite-free. These include:


You’ve undoubtedly driven by a home covered with what looks like a circus tent in the past. That’s fumigation, the tried-and-true method of drywood termite eradication – one that’s been handed down from company to company since the dawn of pest control. Our fumigation plan comes with the guarantee that we will rid your home of termites and continued termite damage.

After we tent your home or business, we’ll pump it full of Vikane gas (which is harmful to all creatures, including termites). You, your family, and your pets can’t be home, and you have to carefully seal all food from being affected by the materials. Yes, we know that that’s an inconvenience, but it’s also the most effective termite treatment for large structures, killing all termites living in them.


Our T3 targeted treatment is an effective and economical method of treating small, isolated colonies. We begin with a thorough, comprehensive inspection. A pest management professional will visit the property to electronically determine the affected location. Our scanners detect even the faintest vibrations in your walls with extreme accuracy. They’re like stud finders, but for bugs.

After detecting the colony, we’ll either inject termiticide or replace the affected wood. The advantages of T3 treatments are that:

  • You don’t have to leave the premises (unlike fumigation)
  • You don’t have to seal up food products
  • It’s not harmful to pets or humans

Heat Treatments

Lloyd Pest Control’s Thermal Pest Eradication is patented technology to eliminate termites and other pests from structures. We use specialized heat fans to maintain the core of the wood at 140-160 degrees Fahrenheit for one hour – a process that that no termite or egg can survive. We can also apply localized heat treatments to smaller areas.

Sentricon® Baiting

For subterranean termites, we place Sentricon® bait stations in soft soil, old tree stumps, irrigation sprinkler heads, and roof downspouts – anywhere subterranean termites like to hang out. These bait stations disrupt termites’ molting process, eliminating current infestations and preventing future ones by taking on colonies as a whole.

Drill and Trench Treatments

A trench dug around your home and filled with termiticide can be a useful method for subterranean termites. When they crawl through the solution, they transport the material back to their homes, eventually killing the entire colony.


The last thing we want to do is come in, eradicate all pests, and leave like some callous bounty hunters. We’ve always believed in leaving a place in better shape than when we found it. We’ll replace fascia boards and rafter tails, which are common locations for termite damage.

Take Advantage of Our Termite Treatments

With our variety of termite treatments, we’ll defend your home against the wood-eating pest in the way that’s best for you. Our Termite Protection Plan is the strongest in the business, and we stand by our methods with an eradication guarantee. With Lloyd Pest Control by your side, we’ll take care of termites before they take control of your Southern California home.