How Does Lloyd Pest Control Treat Termites?

Southern California is a hotspot not only for tourists, businesses, and those who love year-round sunny weather (we’re with you on that), but for termites as well. They chew into our buildings – and there are plenty of wooden structures throughout Southern California to keep them hanging around. That’s why at Lloyd Pest Control, we […]

Does Freezing Work Against Termites?

freezing image

If you have termites around, it’s time they chill out. Much like orange oil, zapping, and heat treatments, freezing (or “chilling”) is a method of treating termites that doesn’t rely on the use of chemicals or pesticides. To an increasingly environmentally conscious public, this is very enticing. But if you’re in need of termite treatment […]

What Are Chemical Free Alternatives to Getting Rid of Termites?

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We get it: Fumigation is not pretty. Heck, even we prefer not to do it when there are other options – it’s costly for us, it forces you to evacuate your home, and it utilizes deadly chemicals. But for all its drawbacks, we still fumigate because, frankly, it’s the best treatment. The National Pest Control […]

The Termites That Live Without Soil

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Drywood termites are nocturnal and can live without soil. This makes them hard to detect. But, Lloyd Pest Control can quickly spot and exterminate them.

Termite Season: Termite Warning Signs and Termite Prevention.

By Eric Paysen, Ph. D. The end of summer brings with it melancholy.  But here in Southern California, it also brings Santa Ana winds.  And wildfires.  And a much less publicized disaster waiting to happen:  termites.  Each September and October, millions of mating termites swarm through our skies in search of new homes to colonize.  […]