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What Are Chemical Free Alternatives to Getting Rid of Termites?


We get it: Fumigation is not pretty. Heck, even we prefer not to do it when there are other options – it’s costly for us, it forces you to evacuate your home, and it utilizes deadly chemicals. But for all its drawbacks, we still fumigate because, frankly, it’s the best treatment. The National Pest Control Association believes in it, as does the State of California’s governing Structural Pest Control Board. It’s the only method of large-scale termite-control that can guarantee elimination of termites at all stages of development.

However, we understand the desire for environmentally friendly options. That’s why, in already-warm Southern California, we offer chemical-free termite control that turns the temperature up – to the point that they can’t survive.

Thermal Heat as an Effective Alternative

Lloyd Pest Control’s Thermal Pest Eradication is patented technology for eliminating termites and other pests from the core of structures. We use specialized heat fans until the ambient temperature in your house is 140-160 F. This temperature is maintained until the core of the wood has sustained 130 F for one hour – a process that that no termite or egg can survive.

For single-family houses with isolated colonies, heat treatments can be just as effective as fumigation. You and your pets can also stay in your home while we apply this treatment; plus, you don’t have to bag up any perishable foods. Just think about it: You could be buttering your toast while, in the very next room, we’re toasting your termites! Well, maybe don’t think about that (sorry if we ruined your appetite).

Other Alternatives: Do They Work?

Some pest control companies offer freezing, zapping, or orange oil alternatives to chemical pesticides, all of which work with varying degrees of success. We have found that orange oil – attractive because of its use of natural ingredients – has the most limitations as a spot treatment. Freezing and Electro-Gun treatments have very limited success rates comparable to heat treatments. They are also more invasive and, in the case of freezing, damaging to water pipes.

Take on Termites with Our Heat Treatment

While fumigation is always dependable, we understand you might want a more eco-friendly solution to get rid of termites. That’s why, for termite control throughout Southern California, we offer an effective alternative. With heat, termites have met their match. Our heat treatments are non-invasive and carry our Termite Protection Plan guarantee. Contact us today to get a free quote.