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Does Freezing Work Against Termites?

Termite Control and Extermination Articles

If you have termites around, it’s time they chill out. Much like orange oil, zapping, and heat treatments, freezing (or “chilling”) is a method of treating termites that doesn’t rely on the use of chemicals or pesticides. To an increasingly environmentally conscious public, this is very enticing. But if you’re in need of termite treatment in Southern California, there’s more you need to know about freezing and its effects.

But Seriously, Does Freezing Work?

Yes, freezing termites does work. These pests have a very low tolerance for temperature extremes, and like all of us in Southern California, termites thrive between 60 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit. But if you’ve ever taken a San Diegan to the snow, they’re likely to get uncomfortable. It’s the same for termites: They can’t tolerate cold temperatures.

The freezing method involves administering liquid nitrogen to targeted colonies inside your walls. The nitrogen freezes when it turns into gas, and termites can’t survive the resulting chill.

The Downside to Freezing Treatments

Unfortunately, freezing isn’t all cool. Although it’s proven effective, at Lloyd Pest Control, we don’t offer it as a termite treatment – and for one big reason: When it comes down to it, freezing methods aren’t safe. Using liquid nitrogen may seem like an effective solution on paper, but freezing treatments put your water pipes at risk.

Heat Treatments from Lloyd Pest Control

Although freezing isn’t a proper termite control solution, the opposite, heat treatment, is. Our Thermal Pest Eradication is patented technology for eliminating termites and other pests from your structure. We use specialized heat fans to increase the ambient temperature in your home or business to 140-160 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature is maintained until the wood interior has sustained at least 130 degrees for one hour – a process that that no termite or larvae can survive. We can also apply localized heat treatments to smaller areas.

Heat treatments are also covered by our Termite Protection Plan guarantee –this ensures continued protection even after we leave. The next time termites cause a ruckus in your home or business in Southern California, let the experts at Lloyd Pest Control get the job done right.