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Pest Control in Lakewood

With over 90 years of experience helping homeowners keep their spaces critter-free, Lloyd Pest Control is your go-to whenever you find an unexpected guest.

Rated 5 stars in Lakewood by 1,750 customers!

Exterminator Services in Lakewood, CA

Lloyd Pest offers 100% money back guarantee and free termite inspections for all our residential and business customers, including pest control services for areas like Bellflower (90707), Paramount (90723), Artesia (90702), Hawaiian Gardens (90716), and Signal Hill (90755). We’ve treated homes and businesses near Sycamore Plaza Shopping Center, Lakewood Golf Course, Lakewood Sheriffs Station, and Mayfair Park and many other popular areas of Lakewood where pests like termites, ants, rodents, fleas, cockroaches and more may be found. With a 5 star satisfaction rating given by over 1,750 customers in the area, you can rest assured that Lloyd Pest is a top quality choice.

For homeowners in Lakewood, the average cost for a one-time pest treatment is $110. Overall, home pest control in Lakewood costs between $72 and $200. Pest removal can be vital to the value of your home.

If you’re a business in need of pest control in Lakewood - like a restaurant, hotel or apartment building - annual service contracts on commercial pest control in Lakewood range between $540 to $3,528 per year. The cost depends on the size of project and type of pest services needed, but maintaining the reputation of your business and meeting local health codes in Lakewood is important.

Lloyd Pest Control is fully licensed, bonded and insured in Los Angeles County. Get a free 60-second online quote for pest control services in Lakewood by filling out the form on this page. Or contact our local pest control office directly at 562-692-5586, located at 14120 Orange Ave for a free estimate today. We offer 100% Money-back guarantee. Give us 90 days to show you how great we are. If we fail on our promise – we’ll refund every penny.

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FAQs About Residential Pest Control in Lakewood, CA

How much do basic pest control services cost for a home in Lakewood, CA?

The cost of basic residential pest control services in Lakewood, CA can range between $72 and $200. The average cost of a home pest control visit is $110. This is based on projects done for homes in 90715, 90713, 90712 and other zip codes. The cost can vary depending on the size of your home, the severity of the infestation, and the type of pests.

How much does residential termite control cost in Lakewood, CA?

Termite extermination and possibly fumigation in Lakewood typically costs between $72 and $1,225. The cost of termite control can vary depending on the size of your home, the type of termites, and the severity of the infestation. Overall the average price of single termite treatment visit is $154.

How much does a monthly pest control plan cost for a house in Lakewood, California?

An annual pest control plan for a home in Lakewood can range between $24 and $67 per month. Annual contracts typically include 4 pest treatment visits per year, and it’s a great way to ensure the long term value of your home and keep repair costs to a minimum.

FAQs About Commercial Pest Control in Lakewood, CA

How much do commercial pest control services cost in Lakewood, CA?

Annual pest control plans for a business in Lakewood can cost between $540 to $3,528 per year, or $45 to $294 per month on average depending on the type of business, size of property, type of pest and more. This typically includes around 4 visits per year and the average cost of a single pest control visit is $223.

How much does pest control cost for a Restaurant in Lakewood, CA?

For restaurants in Lakewood near zip codes like 90715, 90713, and 90712 the average price of a single pest control visit is $212. The average cost of an annual plan is between $600 and $1,392 (or $50 and $116 per month). Annual plans usually include 4 visits per year. We also offer an amazing Guarantee for Restaurants that will ensure you stay in compliance with health codes and keep your patrons happy!

How much does pest control cost for an Apartment in Lakewood, CA?

The average price of a single pest control visit to an apartment building in Lakewood is $276. If you are an apartment property manager in Lakewood, you could pay between $720 and $3,528 (or $60 and $294 per month) for pest control services. This price is based on 4 visits per year along with the cost of pest control for apartments near zip codes like 90715 and 90712. We also offer a special Guarantee for Property Managers that will ensure your tenants stay happy and your property retain its value.

*Answers are based on total number of projects by type of residence or business completed by Lloyd Pest Control and its subsidiary companies over the last 5 years. Prices are subject to change based on the scope of the project.

Cost of Lakewood Pest Control by Customer Type

Customer Type Average Per-Visit Project Cost Avg Monthly Cost Average Annual Contract Number of Projects
Home $110 $37 $442/year 1,068
Restaurant $212 $71 $846/year 260
Apartment $276 $90 $1,077/year 213
Office $181 $60 $718/year 202
Store $251 $84 $1,003/year 7

Cost of Lakewood Pest Removal by Type of Pest

Type of Pest Average Per-Visit Cost Avg Monthly Cost Average Annual Contract Number of Projects
Termites $154 $51 $612/year 1,741
Spiders $162 $54 $647/year 841
Ants $162 $54 $647/year 839
Roaches $162 $54 $647/year 839
Mice $165 $55 $659/year 803
Rats $165 $55 $661/year 797
Birds $657 $219 $2,628/year 12
Skunks, Opossums, and Racoons $98 $33 $392/year 6
Wasps and Hornets $150 $50 $600/year 2