No one wants pests living alongside them, as they can cause health and structural problems left and right. When they show up, services from Lloyd Pest Control are your best bet. We have the solution for ants, flies, rats – you name it. With us, you’ll get proven extermination methods as well as preventative measures. Check out what we offer:

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Alpine, CA lives up to its name, with a mountainous location a few hours outside of San Diego. However, when surrounded by so much nature, your property can quickly become a home for outdoor pests. When the surrounding Cuyamaca Mountains and Cleveland National Forest aren’t enough, you may find them seeking refuge in your kitchen or office space.

If their presence in your home or business has become a habit, it’s time to trust in the professionals to show them the door. Since the 1930s, Lloyd Pest Control has taken on the region’s peskiest insects and rodents, including those in Alpine, CA. With dependable pest treatments, we’re prepared to eliminate your infestation once and for all.

Enjoy your home or business in Alpine, CA without the burden of pests. Contact Lloyd Pest Control today.


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