We employ the most comprehensive and strategic techniques around. Not only do we work to eliminate the presence of pests on your property, but we also extend our preventative knowledge to keep them from returning. That way, you won’t have to worry any longer about termites munching on your walls, or ants gathering around your food. Here’s more info about our services:

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In southeastern San Diego, Bonita, CA interrupts the big city life with a more rural and recreational feel. Its name means “beautiful” in Spanish, and this suburb’s landscape and climate have certainly made it a reality. Meanwhile, pests have had the opposite effect – they’ve done nothing but wreak havoc on this pleasant little community.

With how fast they reproduce and how destructive (and annoying) their habits are, pests are hard to bear. If your infestation has grown out of control, or you’re simply tired of dealing with them, it’s time for the professionals to step in and do what they do best. At Lloyd Pest Control, we have the upper hand on pests, and we give our best to Bonita, CA homes and businesses.

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How Did I Get Fleas In My House?

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