Pests are tricky. You can’t simply remove the ones you see, as they’re good at hiding and quick to reproduce. That’s why we apply strategic and preventative methods to stop them now and in the future. Whether you have flies, termites, ants, or another pest known to give Southern Californians a hard time, we have the services for you. Learn more about what we offer:

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As a resident or business owner in Ramona, CA, you’ve probably gotten used to this valley city’s small town feel and constant sunshine. Beyond the Pacific Coast, those are the perks most Southern Californians love. But they come with the downside of pest problems. Small insects and rodents enter this valley city in search of food and shelter – and they often get what they came for.

But with Lloyd Pest Control, pests have met their match in Ramona, CA. We cover this quaint town, offering pest control methods proven to stop infestations at the source. Have flies invaded your attic? Are termites in love with your furniture? Do ants never seem to go away? Don’t worry – our trained technicians are ready to help.

If pests have become a problem in your Ramona, CA home or business, contact Lloyd Pest Control today.


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