We have everything you need to eliminate your pest problem – and keep it from reappearing in the future. Our services cover the San Diego area’s most prevalent insects and rodents with a keen understanding of their habits and tendencies. Don’t worry about which bait to choose or trap to set, as our experts have you covered. We offer:

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Comfortably located east of downtown San Diego, getting in and out is easy in Spring Valley, CA. But getting away from pests is another issue entirely. Despite this city’s calm suburban makeup and convenient urban access, residents and business owners are close enough to the Southern California wilderness for termites and other regional pests to be a threat.

Equipped with top-notch eradication methods and quality services, Lloyd Pest Control is your solution when pests come marching in. We’re ready to take on any pest problem you have. Our methods take out the most destructive and dangerous pests in Spring Valley, CA, from the ever-concerning wood destroyers that are termites to the disease-spreading roaches and mosquitoes.

We’ll specifically tailor our work to make sure pests won’t be a nuisance for you, your family, or your customers in Spring Valley, CA. Contact us today!


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How Did I Get Fleas In My House?

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