It is so easy to hate fleas. They chew up our puppies, our kittens, our children, our legs and arms. Wouldn’t it be nice if somebody just invented a pill that made all the fleas go away? Welcome to the 21st century. Somebody has invented your wish pill – sort of. In the mid-1990′s, veterinary pharmacists developed an Insect Growth Regulator (IGR) formulation known as Program. By the late 1990′s it had evolved to a more user-friendly topical solution call Advantage. Insect Growth Regulators break up the life-cycle of the flea, halting their ability to reproduce. All that pet owners are required to do is dab a small amount of Advantage on the scruff of the cat or dog’s neck (do not try this on your pet boa constrictor), and voila – no more phone calls to Lloyd Pest Control for flea services. (But don’t worry about us, between roaches, termites, Red Imported fire ants, and Africanized bees, we’ve still got our work cut out for us.)

Contact your vet to determine whether Advantage or Program are right for your pet. We provide flea control in San Diego CountyOrange County, and Riverside County. And if you continue to see fleas bouncing around, call us at 1-800-223-2847 and we’ll send out a technician to give your carpets and furniture a fresh start, too. Click to expand

How Lloyd Pest Control can protect you against fleas:

At Lloyd Pest Control we always powerspray the outside of the property to leave behind a low-intensity pest barrier. Inside, we address all infested areas, including carpets, furniture, and common pet areas with compressed air sprayer treatments. We also whole-heartedly recommend an IGR program for your pet.

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FLEA TIP: If fleas find their way into your home, their eggs will find their way into your carpet. Vacuum and toss the vacuum bag into the garbage. The next day, do it again. The next day, do it again. Continue vacuuming and removing the bag daily for a full week to dislodge all hangers-on.

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