Palmetto bugs. Beetles. Water bugs. Many people will do just about anything to deny that they’ve got cockroaches in their home. They don’t want to believe it themselves. In our society, roaches are often associated with poor sanitation and squalor. But it is a picture that is drawn unfairly. The good news, we provide roach control in San Diego CountyOrange County, and Riverside County. Roaches are adaptable to almost any environment. Like most pests they seek three criteria for homesteading: food, water, and harborage. Any home or business qualifies. Roaches carry disease pathogens including (but not limited to) salmonella, streptococcus, E. coli, dysentery, hepatitis B, plague, and cholera. Decaying roach corpses have been linked as a cause of allergies and acute respiratory disease among children. In Southern California, we see four main species of roaches. The two species of larger roaches are the Oriental and American. Smaller, but no less persistent are the German and Brown-banded roaches.

They say that roaches can survive a nuclear holocaust. But they don’t seem to fare so well against a rolled up copy of the Times.”   Comedian Richard Jeni Click to expand

The BIGGER roaches: Oriental and American roaches tend to infest the lower reaches of kitchens and bathrooms. They seek shelter beneath sinks, along baseboards, and within low cabinetry. The laws of physics prevent a great many of them from being able to climb to the heights of most upper cabinets. Oriental and American roaches grow to lengths of 1″-2″. Both species are dark colored and demonstrate a waxy sheen on their winged backs. They do not sting or, generally speaking, bite.

The smaller roaches: German and Brown-banded roaches. German roaches are the most common cockroaches in America. They are tan colored, or light brown, and measure no more than 1/2″ to 5/8″. They feed mainly at night. As a result, these pests can go undetected until it is often too late to stop a serious population from forming. Though German roaches only live an average of about 100-200 days, a mated pair can be responsible for the reproduction of up to one million roaches per year. German roaches are generally imported into a structure via cardboard boxes – left alone, they will rarely venture more than a few feet from their chosen home for the entire lengths of their lives. Though they prefer human food, German roaches can exist for months on simple starches found in furniture glue and book bindings. Brown-banded roaches are less common and are easily identified by the pale brown bands that can be seen stretching across the wings of the adults. Neither species inflicts bites or stings.

How Lloyd Pest Control can protect you against roaches:

At Lloyd Pest Control we always powerspray the outside of the property with a wettable powder that leaves behind a low-intensity general pest barrier. Inside, we address all infested areas, especially kitchens and bathrooms. New formulations of roach baits have given us an advantage in the war on bugs. These baits are in a gel form and can be easily and safely applied to the inside corners of cabinetry and moldings. Faster acting, these new gel baits boast a desiccant that dries up roaches from the inside out.


ROACH TIP: German roaches love cardboard boxes and paper bags. Inspect all cellulose containers that you bring home from the grocery store - or just avoid storing these types of boxes and bags altogether.

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