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Don’t Let Roaches Ruin Your Rep


As any restaurant owner knows, the mere suggestion of cockroaches can spell disaster for your business. A single cockroach sighting can result in that customer spreading the word in person and online. Between social media and restaurant review platforms, your restaurant’s reputation could be ruined with the appearance of just one roach. Lloyd Pest Control in Southern California explains how you can protect your image and the health of everyone who enters your restaurant.

Cockroaches and Health Department Inspections

As if the spread of news about roaches at your restaurant weren’t enough, a report of an infestation could result in a temporary shutdown. If local health inspectors find proof, you’ll lose revenue and suffer an even greater blow to your reputation when diners see your most recent health department report. You may also have to pay hefty fines and pass a follow-up inspection. Although it’s possible to restore your reputation after receiving a clean bill of health, the process can be slow and expensive.

Health Risks From Cockroaches

Although the price you pay for a few roaches can seem harsh, it’s easy to see why these penalties are in place. Cockroaches carry bacteria that can cause disease and even food poisoning as they walk across counters and exposed food. Roach exoskeletons and fecal-matter trails often cause problems for those with allergies or asthma.

Preventing Roach Infestations in Restaurants

Even if you strive to maintain a clean establishment, a few slip-ups and undetected entry points can make way for a full-fledged roach infestation. From skin cells to beer – a particular roach favorite – the lowly cockroach will consume most anything in its path. A roach can enter through cracks and gaps in any unprotected structure, and will stay as long as food and water are available. These hardy creatures can live without food for a month but can only go without water for a week. You could be unwittingly keeping a roach population alive with a leaky sink or water spills left behind.

Prevent cockroach infestations in your Southern California restaurant with help from Lloyd Pest Control. With us, you’ll not only get a comprehensive service that covers interior and exterior solutions, but a money back guarantee. And for our restaurant-specific services, we have a “We’ll Pick Up the Check” guarantee, too. So, if a guest ever spots a crawling pest in the dining area, we’ll pick up that table’s check and send a gift card to your restaurant accompanied by an apology from us that accepts full responsibility. That way, they’ll come back and see you at your best. Protect your Yelp reviews! Contact us today.