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Los Angeles, CA is a haven for many types of pests, with plenty of buildings for them to escape the heat and find food. Whether you have ant colonies or disease-ridden rodents on your property, we have the services for you. We cover pest infestations with intensive methods and preventative care. Our services cover the following and more:

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Along a coastal basin in Southern California, Los Angeles, CA is the second-biggest city in the United States. The “City of Angels” features a diverse population that appreciates the benefits of a West Coast metropolis: a warm climate, booming economy, and rich culture. It’s a hub for technology, entertainment, and, trade, but without proper prevention and treatment, it can also be a hub for pests.

A pest infestation isn’t the most fun thing to deal with – especially in Los Angeles, CA, where there’s always plenty to see and do. As they grow, they become hard to get rid of, often requiring help from the professionals. Lloyd Pest Control is the region’s trusted pest control expert, offering high quality extermination throughout L.A.
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How Did I Get Fleas In My House?

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