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If you spot a pest, consider the experts at Lloyd Pest Control. We’ll work closely with you to make – and keep – your property pest-free. Whether you own a home or a business in Pomona, CA, we’ve got you covered. Our services eliminate a variety of pests common in Southern California including the following:

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From the L.A. County Fair to the NHRA Auto Club Race at Pomona and Classic Car Show, there’s always something going on in Pomona, CA. Directly east of downtown Los Angeles, the city hosts exciting events year-round at its Fairplex. People from the greater metropolitan area and beyond get in on the constant action in the Pomona Valley. But these events aren’t the only activity happening in Pomona; pests thrive in this mild-weathered valley.

You shouldn’t sacrifice your fun SoCal life to deal with obtrusive pests. That’s why Lloyd Pest Control offers the best, most effective treatments and your satisfaction, guaranteed. We cover any infestation – big or small.


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"We've used Lloyd Pest Control on a number of our properties, and they are always very thorough and a pleasure to work with."

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How Did I Get Fleas In My House?

How Did I Get Fleas In My House?

Evolution created a blood-sucking expert in the flea. The roughly 2,500 flea species that make up the insect order Siphonaptera take their name from Greek words “siphon” (tube) and “aptera” (wingless) to form the phrase “wingless tube.” Fleas are tiny parasitic...

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