From seasonal pests to year-round invasions; Lloyd Pest Control has your Aliso Viejo home or business covered. You can trust us for top of the line pest control services in the following areas:

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Living in Aliso Viejo we figure that you have had your fair share of seasonal and year round pest issues. Worry no more, we are here to help you with and we want to completely conquer your pest control problems. We offer our services all over Southern California including Brea, Costa Mesa and Anaheim pest control.

Anything from seasonal ant control to year round termite control, we’ve got the job covered. Not only that we will get the job done in no time and for good. Our results should be immediate and if you get monthly maintenance, they should be permanent as long as you keep with the program!


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"We've used Lloyd Pest Control on a number of our properties, and they are always very thorough and a pleasure to work with."

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How Did I Get Fleas In My House?

How Did I Get Fleas In My House?

Evolution created a blood-sucking expert in the flea. The roughly 2,500 flea species that make up the insect order Siphonaptera take their name from Greek words “siphon” (tube) and “aptera” (wingless) to form the phrase “wingless tube.” Fleas are tiny parasitic...

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