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Our services tackle infestations at the source, eliminating populations altogether and preventing their return. Whether you have disease-spreading rodents or nuisance pests, we’ll treat them thoroughly – preventing health and structural issues in the process. We cover the following pests and more:

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Foothill Ranch, CA masterfully balances work and play. Whether it’s the national companies headquartered here or its variety of local establishments, businesses thrive in this community. Outside of work, residents often walk the Borrego Trail up into one of the many parks in the area. If they’re more adventurous, there’s also the nearby Red Rock and Modjeska Canyons.

For homes and businesses in this community, however, pests have the potential to cause nagging disruptions. Between long workdays, family responsibilities, and outdoor leisure time, infestations are the last thing you want to deal with. To take the worry off your hands, Lloyd Pest Control offers top-notch pest control in Foothill Ranch, CA.

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How Did I Get Fleas In My House?

Evolution created a blood-sucking expert in the flea. The roughly 2,500 flea species that make up the insect order Siphonaptera take their name from Greek words “siphon” (tube) and “aptera” (wingless) to form the phrase “wingless tube.” Fleas are tiny parasitic...

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