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The desert is prone to pests, but our experienced technicians, state-of-the-art pest control technology, and comprehensive services ensure you won’t have to worry about them. Take back your La Quinta home or business with our services:

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La Quinta, CA has experienced tremendous development over the past several years. With improved shopping, landscaping, and infrastructure, the city has much to offer. Its modernity has encouraged resort-style amenities that residents and visitors take advantage of, like prestigious golf courses, Country Clubs, and professional golf tournaments. Thanks to its many well-manicured courses and the Santa Rosa Mountains, La Quinta, CA is a desert paradise. But even in paradise, pests are an issue.

With high mountain ranges on either side of Coachella Valley, La Quinta benefits from its year-round warm climate. Most months of the year are met with ideal temperatures and abundant sunshine. While this has led to the city’s growth, it’s also a perfect environment for pests. With Lloyd Pest Control, you’ll maintain your pest-free paradise.

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