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We know pests inside and out. With many decades of experience in Southern California, we have the knowledge and resources to get rid of them. Our state-of-the-art pest control methods for the following services will make your pest problems a thing of the past:

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Away from the crowded Los Angeles downtown, Palm Desert, CA brings in people seeking more affordable housing and a warm climate. Thanks to its growing population, this Coachella Valley city has become a prime spot for relocation. A result of the residential growth, warm weather, and resort-like mentality, the city has become known for its green parks and golf courses.

But for anyone dealing with pest problems in Palm Desert, CA, the grass is surely greener on the other side. As an oasis in the desert, pests often flock to homes and businesses. And with the city’s continual growth, the pests have more and more reasons to keep coming back. From spiders and bed bugs to roaches and fleas, Lloyd Pest Control is here to help.

Lloyd Pest Control has over 80 years of experience eliminating Southern California’s pests. Contact us today to protect your Palm Desert, CA home!


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How Did I Get Fleas In My House?

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