Do ants continue to show up in your kitchen no matter how clean you keep it? Are your walls overrun by termites and you don’t know what to do? Our services are designed with your unique situation in mind. We’ll eliminate the stress of dealing with infestations with focused treatments, addressing the problems caused by each pest individually. Find out more about our services:

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Previously known as the “City of Millionaires” and now as the “City of Beautiful Homes,” Redlands, CA has seen its prosperity make a visible mark on Southern California. But that doesn’t mean pests aren’t a problem – they invade this cozy community at high rates. No neighborhood is free from infestations, no matter how beautiful the homes, and businesses on State Street and beyond are also at risk.

With the help of Lloyd Pest Control, you don’t have to worry about pests – whether they’ve come in from San Bernardino National Forest or any of the nearby urban feasting grounds. If they’re causing problems on your Redlands, CA, property, let our technicians handle it. Our signature pest control not only kicks them out, but keeps them out as well.

Stop pests from interrupting your life in Redlands, CA. Get quality pest control from Lloyd Pest Control – contact us today!


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How Did I Get Fleas In My House?

How Did I Get Fleas In My House?

Evolution created a blood-sucking expert in the flea. The roughly 2,500 flea species that make up the insect order Siphonaptera take their name from Greek words “siphon” (tube) and “aptera” (wingless) to form the phrase “wingless tube.” Fleas are tiny parasitic...

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