How to Set a Mousetrap


Use a Victor Mousetrap. Note: mice are neophobic, which means they are afraid of new things, so it will take them some time to get to know the trap.  Don’t be discouraged if the trap isn’t sprung the first day.

Victor Snap Mouse Trap


Contrary to popular cartoons, mice prefer peanut butter to cheese. It works best when you sprinkle a small amount of oatmeal on top of the peanut butter. Mice are attracted to the smell of the oils in the peanut butter and the grains of the oatmeal.


Perpendicular to the wall – so that the mouse will be caught no matter which direction it is coming from. Mice have poor eyesight and use whiskers to feel their way around, staying close to the wall – using their whiskers like little curb feelers. You may see droppings or oily brown streaks (from the oil on the fur) along the base of the wall.

Place a mousetrap perpendicular to the wall so that you catch the mouse from either way


Never use poisonous rodent bait for interior rodent infestations. If ingested, baits can be dangerous to children and pets. Additionally, after mice eat the bait, they’ll go somewhere else to die (like between your walls) and will eventually rot and smell.

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6 Responses to “How to Set a Mousetrap”

  1. Valuable information. Lucky me. I discovered your site accidentally! Now I’ve bookmarked it.

  2. Great to have you as a follower. Let us know how the trapping goes!

  3. The mouse is really one of the major problem that most households are confronting today. The steps on how to set mouse trap were clearly explained in this blog. Thanks for sharing this one. Keep posting!

  4. Thanks for the feedback. We have certainly worked hard to perfect our techniques during the last 80 years!

  5. My cats bought in 2nd ever mouse… 1st one just stayed under fridge til mousetrap got it, but i’ve spotted todays in 3 different rooms already in coupla hrs. Why’s this guy acting so differently from 1st? Also how should i place mousetraps since so active & i cant leave traps in open by baseboards due to cats? I tried the “enclosed” traps thatcatch mice but u dosee them but tbey didntwork at all. Pl

  6. I think the key word in your scenario is “cat.” A mouse wouldn’t choose to scurry so far from its base, but it could be compelled to by a predator – your kitty. One option you might try would be a shoe box with mouse hole cut-outs on opposite ends (preferably with the holes cut 1.5″-2″ near the corner of the box – so that you can place that side against the wall). Place a well-baited snap-trap or glue board perpendicular to the long wall of the box and set the box against the wall – with the baited side of the trap facing the wall, too). You can bait glue boards and snap traps with peanut butter and dry oatmeal. You can also bait the shoe box with a little dry oatmeal. You should probably tape the lid to the box (so the cat doesn’t open up the box and get into the trap). Later, when you go to check the box, make sure that you use rags to cover the two mouse hole cut-outs so that nothing comes pouring out onto your floor. Good luck. If you need professional help, give us a call. Here is our contact info:

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