Lloyd Termite Control’s Thermal Pest Eradication is a patented technology for eliminating termites and other invasive pests from the core of structures. Specialized heat fans force warm air under draped areas.

The temperature inside the home is closely monitored by digital probes and thermometers until the ambient air reaches 140 -160 F. This temperature is maintained until the core of the wood has sustained 130 F for one hour – a level that guarantees effective elimination of wood destroying insects and their eggs.

We can treat specific areas or entire structures. GUARANTEED to eliminate 100% of active colonies.

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Thermal Pest Eradication

TERMITE TIP: Keep piles of wood away from your house and foundation.  Subterranean termites respond to wood piles like sharks respond to blood – voraciously.  Also, painted wood resists termites.  Repaint any flaking eaves, window casements, and facia boards.

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Thermal Pest Eradication