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Local Beekeepers Are The Key to Saving The Bees

Stinging Insects

The movement to #SaveTheBees is no exaggeration. A high honeybee mortality rate has caused colonies across the continent to decrease substantially in recent years. Since they pollinate a lot of foods we eat, these statistics should concern us. But with the help of local beekeepers and professional knowledge from expert pest control in Southern California, the preservation of these furry fliers is still within reach.

How Beekeepers Save Hives (and Lives)

The honeybee decline stems from colony collapse disorder (CCD), noted by the departure of worker bees and the resulting disappearance of colonies. There are plenty of reasons that CCD may be occurring, from pesticides and malnutrition to environmental problems and parasites. But no matter the cause, the severity of this issue has given local beekeepers an important role.

You may know beekeepers as the folks who harvest honey from beehives for our consumption. More than that, though, they’re bee “managers.” To process honey, the bees must be healthy and the hives in great shape. Since environments differ by region, local beekeepers have a lot of responsibility to preserve their honeybees. They do so in several ways, including:

  • Medicating them to prevent or combat disease
  • Assuring they have safe, pesticide-free areas where they can pollinate plants
  • Assuring they have enough room in their hives for continued honey production
  • Replacing the queen bee if necessary

Why You Should Call a Beekeeper

Okay, you think you have a bee problem. But before you call anyone, know that their presence in your neck of the woods doesn’t mean they’re there to stay. Often, swarms pass through an area before finding the right place to build a hive. If after a few days the bees are still making themselves at home on your property, then taking action is acceptable.

If you call Lloyd Pest Control to combat honeybees, the unfortunate truth is that bees will die. That’s why it’s best to first call a beekeeper, who will transfer them to a new hive and allow them to keep living peacefully. Remember, they’re the experts in preservation, and we’re the experts in extermination. For a referral to a beekeeper in your area, call us at 1-(800) 223-2847.

As a Last Resort, Lloyd Pest Control Is Here

Our company understands the importance of bees to our ecology, which is why we ask you to call beekeepers first. But sometimes a situation unfolds where pest control is needed, and Lloyd Pest Control is well-equipped to stop honeybees while limiting ecological damage. Our “target pest-specific” strategies aim to preserve as many of them as possible. This includes treatments that kill other pests but leave bees intact, as well avoiding residual effects to nearby hives.

If you find yourself at a last resort with honeybees, or you have problems with other invasive bugs, contact the experts at Lloyd Pest Control.