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Termite problems in Southern California


Termite infestations are a common occurrence in areas of Southern California. If you think that you may be dealing with termites in your home or office, it is time to look for signs of infestation. In most cases, subterranean termites live under the concrete of homes and look for spots that get a lot of moisture. Drywood termites that are commonly found in Southern California are more prone to wood destroying rather than seeking shelter in concrete. To start you search for these pests, check to see if there are any small mud tunnels in or around your home. These are usually found in basements and crawl spaces. To check for drywood termite infestation, look for little wood piles found around trees, fences and stumps.

Pest control is absolutely necessary when you first notice the infestation. If left untreated, the damage can become increasingly worse, making it harder to control. To get rid of pests, you may consider these 3 bug control options.

1. Spot Control – One of the easiest ways for controlling pests on your own is to use spot control treatments. These chemical treatments come in foams, liquids and pesticides. This method is focused on one area and may not treat the entire infestation.

2. Fumigants – Fumigants can not be used around humans or animals, but are one of the quickest, most efficient ways of getting rid of pests. This treatment can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days.

3. High Heat – High heat treatment is ideal for small houses that are dealing with termite problems. Humans and pets must not be present, as heats within the home are drive up to 120 degrees to kill all signs of pests.

Exterminating pests is best left done by the professionals. By hiring an exterminator, you are sure to get the best results and be left with a termite-free home. Simply contact Lloyd Pest Control for your in-home consultation today!