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What Does Free of Infestation or Infection Mean?


For more than 80 years, people have depended on us to find and eradicate their termites in Southern California. We know that it’s unbecoming of us to brag, but with experience that dates back to the 1930s, we’d like to think we’re pretty good at our jobs.

Even though the science and tactics have changed over the years, the goal has remained the same: to get rid of termites and document our work through proper reporting. That’s where termite reports come in.

What Are Termite Reports?

Termite reports provide important information for homeowners, sellers, and the state of California. The report will indicate if a structure has termites and other wood destroying organisms, including certain species of ants and fungi. Your property depends on it, too. When pests munch on your wood, your home becomes weaker, less valuable, and potentially dangerous to inhabit.

Why You Need a Termite Report

While it is not against the law to sell a home with termites, money lenders often require certification that a home is “free of infestation or infection” from a pest control company before putting up funds. This is not stinginess; they just want to protect their investment. Technicians from Lloyd Pest Control are certified by the California Structural Pest Control Board to conduct thorough termite inspections, and we’ll provide the proper paperwork to satisfy all lenders.

Sending (and Getting) a Termite Report

The termite report and the completion notice will be delivered within 10 working days to the person who ordered the report, as well as the property owner or the agent. Some lenders will even withhold funds until steps to prevent further infestation (noted on our termite reports) have been corrected. If you have suspicions about past termite activity, you can also request these reports from the Department of Consumer Affairs.

Termite and Termite Report Solutions

When you’re looking to sell your Southern California home, you don’t want termites holding you back. A termite report keeps you up-to-date on their presence – that’s where the phrase “free of infestation or infection” comes from. Without it, you may not even be able to sell (lenders aren’t taking any chances). Contact Lloyd Pest Control for an inspection and a report; we’ll provide free quote for termite eradication if it turns out you need it.