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Beetles Riding Skateboards and Playing Banjos?

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A new reality TV show on AMC, “Immortalized,” aims to showcase the creative side of taxidermy. One contestant in particular, Petaluma, California entomologist Kevin Clarke, takes taxidermy to level most of us have likely never considered: insects on motorcycles (hilariously titled “Weevil Knievel”).

While most people have heard of butterfly preservation, the preservation and articulation of other insects may come as a surprise. For Clarke however, the interest seems to have been with him since childhood:

I was very cruel to bugs when I was little. I had this dissecting table, and I would sit and poke at them with pine needles. Play doctor.

Who can blame him, though? We were all mean to insects when we were children. That seemingly inborn animosity for most of use carries throughout our lives, but some, like Clarke, adopt a different perspective.

Clarke’s work, which can be seen at, runs the gamut from whimsical to educational but remain consistently, dare we say, aesthetically beautiful.

But as beautiful as some insects can be, it’s important that insect and other bugs are controlled to prevent residential infestations. Once bugs – along with the diseases they carry and damage they cause – breech the perimeter of our homes, we must take serious action. That’s where Lloyd Pest Control comes into play. Call us for all of your Southern California pest control needs. Or, if you have some amazing Kevin Clarke specimens to show off, call us and invite us on a tour!

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