Pest control shift toward bee protection

Pests like spiders, termites, ants, fleas, roaches and rodents can be annoying, and they often cause damage to homes and other property. Some pests may contaminate food or transmit diseases to pets or humans. Consequently, pest control in Southern California frequently includes elimination along with prevention. However, while most people prefer not to have swarms of […]

Beetles Riding Skateboards and Playing Banjos?

A new reality TV show on AMC, “Immortalized,” aims to showcase the creative side of taxidermy. One contestant in particular, Petaluma, California entomologist Kevin Clarke, takes taxidermy to level most of us have likely never considered: insects on motorcycles (hilariously titled “Weevil Knievel”). While most people have heard of butterfly preservation, the preservation and articulation […]

Fumigation Preserves Historical Bar

Lloyd Pest Control has proudly supported the arts for numerous years. Whether it is music, painting, or film, we see beauty in all creativity. Recently we have had the great opportunity to preserve a tangible piece of art history. Unfortunately the Aztec Brewery in Barrio Logan fell victim to one of the most notorious fall […]

An interview with Dr. Eric Paysen: Lloyd Pest Control Entomologist

How did you get into the field of entomology and pest control? I first became interested in entomology while working a summer internship at a state agricultural research facility in South Carolina. After finishing my bachelor’s degree in biology I went on to earn both a M.S. and Ph. D. in entomology from Clemson University. […]

“Find Your Voice” features Endoxi at University City High School

Friday afternoon was an exciting one at University City High School. Local artist Endoxi, just returning from a West Coast tour, performed at the lunchtime Find Your Voice event.  Lead singer, Chris Wilson, once a student at UCHS, making it a happy homecoming for the students and for Chris.  The band is featured on the […]

How to Make an Ant Cake

After receiving e-mails about our Labor Day ant cake, we decided to post the details of the arduous process.  Maybe you’re a mom with a toddler who loves ants and you need a special birthday cake.  Maybe you’re just weird like us. 1)       Bake three round 9″ cakes.  Chocolate is best.  But you probably already […]

Find Your Voice Supports Visual and Performing Arts

When school budget cuts were sweeping through San Diego, the first cuts were to the visual and performing arts departments. That’s when we stepped in to inspire student creativity. We teamed with Cathryn Beeks, the host of the Homegrown Hour on 102.1 KPRi, and local artists to create “Find Your Voice” to raise critical funds […]