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Pest control shift toward bee protection

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Bee Keeper inspecting a hive with colony collapse disorder

Pests like spiders, termites, ants, fleas, roaches and rodents can be annoying, and they often cause damage to homes and other property. Some pests may contaminate food or transmit diseases to pets or humans. Consequently, pest control in Southern California frequently includes elimination along with prevention. However, while most people prefer not to have swarms of bees in their back yards or buzzing in their walls, bees are beneficial and perform a valuable service for us. Bees pollinate crops in and to flowers, and provide us with honey all while acting upon their natural instincts. Unless disturbed, bees usually do not sting, but they may cluster in trees and shrubs, establish colonies inside walls. While some people find this annoying, recent events have made it important to try and live and work with bees, not against them.

Dead bee

Currently, the world is experiencing a mysterious phenomenon known as colony collapse disorder. Beginning in 2006, bee keepers began reporting unusually high losses, between 30-90 percent of hives. Many of the hives showed no signs of known causes of bee death. Today, honey bees are disappearing across the country, putting $15 billion worth of fruits, nuts and vegetables at risk., not against them. Companies like Lloyd are joining in the movement to save bees, and support the environment in the face of colony collapse disorder.

Sadly, a recent application of a pesticide to control aphids on flowering linden trees in Oregon caused the deaths of thousands of bees along with other insects. Because of that unfortunate incident, methods of pest control in southern California are changing to help protect fragile bee populations. Instead of offering bee extermination services, companies like Lloyd are joining in the movement to save bees, and support the environment in the face of colony collapse disorder.

Bee pollinatingProviding bees with new, rent-free living spaces in friendly environments protects our honey-producing pollinators, an important part of our ecosystem and economy. Since  Lloyd Pest Control strives to be an ecologically responsible company, we will be moving away from bee extermination. Whenever possible we will refer residential customers to beekeepers in their area, so that the bees can be taken alive and allowed to pollinate and continue their honey production. If you need assistance with other types of bothersome and dangerous pests, Lloyd Pest Control is still a premiere choice for bee removal in Southern California.