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Fumigation Preserves Historical Bar

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Lloyd Pest Control has proudly supported the arts for numerous years. Whether it is music, painting, or film, we see beauty in all creativity. Recently we have had the great opportunity to preserve a tangible piece of art history. Unfortunately the Aztec Brewery in Barrio Logan fell victim to one of the most notorious fall pest infiltrations. As you may have read in our previous blog post, the fall season undoubtedly brings swarms of termites.

In the 1930’s the Aztec Brewing Co. was a popular spot for tasting. The extravagant decor filled the room, creating a sublime atmosphere. The physical bar at the Aztec Brewing Co. “is the centerpiece of a collection of furniture, murals and roof beams that the city has been storing for more than 20 years.” When one of the art handlers “pulled the wooden bar out of storage they found bore holes, remnants of mud, and weakened wood.” This posed a large problem considering the bar was to be moved to a conservation studio in L.A.. Because it was infested, we were asked this past weekend to fumigate the bar. The project was a success and we were able to save a piece of history before the termites were able to inflict more harm.

Here at Lloyd Pest Control, we are the only ones in San Diego County to have a special fumigation chamber that is used for certain items such as valuables, antiques, or even vintage bars like that of the Aztec Brewery. It is unique because the customer can bring anything from as small as a stamp collection to as large as a couch or armoire and have it treated professionally. It is a safe way to fumigate single or multiple items without tenting your entire home. We also provide this service in the Anaheim area as well.