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Do Ants Sting?


Ants – when they’re somewhere, they’re everywhere. In the late summer, it seems you can’t leave any food out without returning to find them crawling around in it. If you’ve never woken up to find a line of ants marching through your bathroom, well, kudos. But when it gets hot out in Southern California, ants are hard to avoid. Ant control is a smart choice, but first, we’d like to answer a common question: Do they sting?

Do Argentine Ants Sting?

In Southern California, the Argentine ant is the most common species. These are the super small fellas that enter our homes in search of food and water. Fortunately for us, they don’t sting.

Argentine ants are, however, relentless killers to other insects. Their organization, overpowering numbers, and ability to displace their enemies are the reasons that odorous house ants – once the dominant ant of our region – have become the minority here. Argentine ants will attack bees, wasps, and even birds, and they won’t stop until their adversary has fled or is destroyed. The one good thing about these ants is they will sometimes attack termite colonies in your home.

Do Fire Ants Sting?

Although they’re nowhere near as common as the Argentine ants, we still have to watch out for fire ants in our region. These guys do sting, and the reaction that results can be fairly painful – so much so, it’s comparable to a bee sting. A fire ant sting will swell, forming a blister within 8-24 hours. This is normal, and can be treated with ice, elevation, and a topical antihistamine. If you experience a more severe allergic reaction, contact emergency medical help.

Fire ants live mostly in small, inland colonies, and can be identified by their reddish-brown color. They don’t create entrances on the tops of their mounds, but enter colonies through the side or underground tunnels. If you find an anthill, do not poke or prod it, because fire ants will attack to protect their home, and they run fast. Unlike bees, fire ants can sting more than once (an even bigger reason to leave them to ant control professionals).

Ant Control to Prevent Stings Once and for All

Don’t let the worry of ant stings stress you out – get them (specifically, fire ants) eliminated before they create concerns for you and your family. Trust in Lloyd Pest Control as your dependable ant control solution in Southern California. We’ll eliminate your ant colony in full, keeping any worry of stings at bay.