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How to Set a Mousetrap



Use a Victor Mousetrap. Note: mice are neophobic, which means they are afraid of new things, so it will take them some time to get to know the trap.  Don’t be discouraged if the trap isn’t sprung the first day.

Victor Snap Mouse Trap


Contrary to popular cartoons, mice prefer peanut butter to cheese. It works best when you sprinkle a small amount of oatmeal on top of the peanut butter. Mice are attracted to the smell of the oils in the peanut butter and the grains of the oatmeal.



Perpendicular to the wall – so that the mouse will be caught no matter which direction it is coming from. Mice have poor eyesight and use whiskers to feel their way around, staying close to the wall – using their whiskers like little curb feelers. You may see droppings or oily brown streaks (from the oil on the fur) along the base of the wall







Never use poisonous rodent bait for interior rodent infestations. If ingested, baits can be dangerous to children and pets. Additionally, after mice eat the bait, they’ll go somewhere else to die (like between your walls) and will eventually rot and smell.


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