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The Journey of the Argentine Ant


In Southern California, we see our share of ants. In fact, we’ve written several posts about why you get ants in your home, how to prevent ants, and how to treat ants.

Here at Lloyd Pest Control , we are always on the lookout for news and discussions about our favorite topic – pests! Recently, we came across a podcast that outlines the history of the Argentine Ant . We can thank a steamboat out of Buenos Aires in the 1890’s for transporting them to Louisiana and then the great advancement of cross-country trains to land them in California by 1907.

Argentine Ants are an invasive species. Their strategy is simple: kill anything that isn’t one of us. Argentine Ants have managed to do just that. The super colony they have created spans every continent except Antarctica.

During the podcast, David Howay, an ecologist and evolutionary biologist from UC San Diego takes you to a driveway in Escondido, California where he demonstrates the nasty and loyal habits of the Argentine Ant.]