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Pests Don’t Celebrate Labor Day: Check Your Home

Pest Control Tips

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This Labor Day you might find yourself with your feet up and the television on, what you won’t find is pests around your home taking it easy. Pests can invade your home any time of the year, they don’t take days off. The good news is that you can help keep your home pest-free with checks of your home on your own days off. With only a little time required, you can do your part to make your home unwelcome to creepy-crawly visitors.

One way to keep California pests out of your home is to make sure you don’t foster areas they’re attracted to in your home. This coming Labor Day is the perfect opportunity to do a check around your home and to make sure you’re not already infested, and to make sure you aren’t inadvertently welcoming pests.

Ants are often found in kitchens or anywhere in your home they can get to food. Keep your food in sealed packaging as much as possible, put food away after each meal and clean up any spills right away. Ants follow a scented trail left behind by other ants, so if you find an ant trail, spraying it with any cleaner that contains ammonia will destroy the path.

Bed bugs can be a frightening prospect in your home. Washing linens regularly and keeping your home clean can help prevent an infestation. However, if you find or suspect bed bugs in your home, it’s important to seek professional help immediately.

Rodents make homes in your walls and come out to get food. Keeping food in sealed packaging that can’t be bitten into will help keep rodents from being attracted to your home. If you use snap traps, set the trap perpendicular to the wall with the bait against the baseboard.

Spiders can be valuable outdoors to keep pests out of gardens, but inside they can be a nuisance. Spiders are attracted to moisture. When you check around your home, make sure there aren’t any pools of water sitting around. There is more likely to be moisture on the shady side of your house, so check there for spider webs. Make sure you and your family know poisonous spiders in your area and can identify them to stay safe.

Termites are wood-eaters. Make sure there are no woodpiles against your home or foundation to attract them. Termites can be deterred by painted wood, so check the exterior of your home for any paint on wood siding, window sills or shutters that’s cracked or peeling.

While the idea of pests invading your home can be scary, taking the time to check your home is a good step in pest management. Checking common pest areas like the kitchen or in dark, damp corners can help you identify infestations if you have them. By taking simple steps to keep your home clean and uninviting can help keep new pests from coming in.

Of course, identifying an infestation is only the first step. If you find California pests in or around your home, contact a reputable pest control business to help you with pest management and elimination. California pest control professionals can make sure any pests in your home are taken care of quickly and effectively. Take time this Labor Day to check your home for any infestations. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your home’s potential for infestation, contact Lloyd Pest Control today.