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How to Avoid Bed Bugs while Traveling

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As people begin to hit the road and embark on trips this summer, be on the lookout for bed bugs.

A recent study conducted by the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) and the University of Kentucky found that bed bug infestations are on the rise in many places. In fact, 80% of pest professionals surveyed had treated bed bug infestations in hotels/motels in 2011.


Bed bugs can be found in places that people typically frequent during vacations, such as hotels. Travelers can be more susceptible to encountering bed bugs and can unknowingly bring them home.


We recommend the following steps to stay bed bug-free on vacation:

  1. Thoroughly inspect the entire hotel room before unpacking and settling in, including behind the headboard and around the bottom of other furniture.
  2. Pull back the hotel bed sheets and inspect the mattress seams, particularly the corners, for telltale spots or stains.
  3. If any bed bugs are spotted, notify management and change rooms immediately. Be sure your new room is not adjacent to the possibly infested room.
  4. Use a large plastic trash bag or a protective cover to store your luggage during your hotel stay.
  5. When you return home, inspect and vacuum your suitcases thoroughly before bringing them into the house. Consider using a garment hand steamer to steam your luggage, which will kill any bed bugs.
  6. Wash all your clothes – even the items not worn – in hot water.


If you suspect a bed bug infestation in Southern California, contact Lloyd Pest Control to identify the species and recommend a course of treatment.